Mr. Tsuneo Nagano

Age: 61
Location: Hiroshima
Distance from hypocenter: Second Generation

“My father was a hibakusha, which makes me a second generation hibakusha.

When the bomb was dropped, my father was in Kumamoto for military service. When news spread that Hiroshima had been attacked, all Hiroshima-natives were assigned to help the victims. My father arrived in Hiroshima on August 8.
There were many injured people at Hiroshima Station. “Soldier, bring me water!” they screamed. My father filled up his helmet with water and went back and forth from the river to the victims, foregoing sleep. On August 9, he set out for his hometown Kamiyacho, and was shocked to see that the second floor of the local Sumitomo Bank had fallen out. The area was devoid of people, as residents had likely left.
That day, he helped dispose of bodies and returned to his post in Kumamoto.
Since then, many people who came to Hiroshima to help the victims have suffered hair loss, and even passed away on the spot. Still, that was usually limited to people who were sent to Hiroshima proper.
Had my father been assigned to work in Hiroshima proper, there is a likely chance that he would not have been alive, and I too would not have been born.

Presently, Japan is at peace.
I pray that Japan – the world – remains at peace.

Nagano Tsuneo”